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Our Own Grown Range

Produce grown at Mallards Market garden includes:

  • Asparagus, Gymlin, April – July. New crowns first harvested 2018.

  • Runner Beans, July - November

  • Beetroot, July – March

  • Brassicas, broccoli, leaf and purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage, cabbage shoots, spring greens and cauliflower.

  • Spinach, July – March

  • Courgettes, July – October

  • Cherries, June – August, varieties are Merchant, Stella Summer Sun, Colney, Penny and Regina

  • Leeks, October – April.  Traditionally grown and earthed to give a superb strong flavour.

  • Marrows, Zebra Cross, July – October

  • Nuts, Hazel, September – November

  • Potatoes; Wiljer, available all year & Annabel, a salad potato that is hand planted and lifted around May 25th.

  • Plums, for a long season many varieties are grown and harvesting starts mid-July. Some of the main varieties are:

    • July – Edda, Opal and Meritare

    • August – Czar, Oulin’s golden Gage, Reeves gage, Avalon, Excalibur, WJ30 and Victoria

    • September – Damson, Vics, Haganta and Valour

    • October – Groves late Victoria, Guinevere and Laxton Cropper

  • Raspberries, Tulameen and Joan, July – November

  • Rhubarb, Timperley, early, March – October

  • Sweetcorn, August – October

  • Goose Eggs, January – June. These are free range, produced by birds fed on bread, grass, grain, fruit and veg. amazing soft boiled with asparagus.

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Jars of Local Produce

Locally Sourced Produce

In addition to my own grown products I select local high quality produce which includes a wide selection of apples, strawberries, eggs, mushrooms and broad beans.

I also stock a range of jams, honey, chutney and pickles, my own fresh lamb, pork and sausages are available at certain times throughout the year.  Frozen produce including pasture-raised chicken (whole birds and portions) is also available.

I maintain the orchard next door, which provides me with Conference and Williams pears.

I also sell seasoned logs and manure, at competitive prices.

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